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"A friend who dives the KISS Sport suggested I look at a KISS Classic and my research showed it had what I was looking, for so I bought one. The purists warned me that that it was a bad step backwards. Diving with the Classic has proven to be fun, stress free and a lot easier than an eCCR. The Classic mCCR is just so safe and simple to learn, setup , use and maintain compared to an eCCR."
"With the Prism2 finally released, I was able to arrange a “Try Dive” in our pool. I definitely looked at the Prism2 with a lot of skepticism, trying to pick it apart, trying to find flaws or something that I just couldn’t deal with. Before the pool dive, I took the unit apart and found it to be really thought out and quality/finish of the materials to be great."
"After two days of diving with Posiedon rebreather I certainly didn't hate it as I expected. I wouldn't say I loved it, but I certainly respect the thought and attention to detail that has gone into the design. I’m not sure how big the recreational rebreather market is going to be, but whatever the size, the Discovery is well placed to satisfy that market."

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    A Prism 2 is a piece of breathing equipment that is specifically designed to help a person breath where oxygen is limited, and it also absorbs carbon dioxide. This technology is used in space, toxic environments, underwater atmospheres, mine fields, and places where harmful gases may be present. The Hollis Prism 2 is a new eCCR that has […]

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    VR Technology has realized that budget is a concern for customers. Now it is possible to order a standard Sentinel LSS (Life Support System) and upgrade the system as your budget allows. The standard Sentinel does not have a CO2 monitor gauge, off-board gas blocks, or breathing hose covers, but is equipped standard with a BOV, on-board decompression, […]

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    The Hollis Prism 2 is an electronic fully-closed circuit(eCCR), making it an ideal unit for any kind of diving, including diving in caves and wrecks. It is designed for both automatic and manual operation. Manual operation allows the diver to control the PO2 loop. One needs only to add cylinders to be ready to dive. The unit […]

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