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TEK Gear Review

Best Rebreathers HOLLIS EXPLORER$4,995Easy user interface and very advanced technologyUser friendly, automated, travel easy, and has all benefitsTrue recreational RebreatherOrder NowHOLLIS PRISM$8,999Lower resistive breathing effortElectronics and the battery are housed on their own outside of the breathing loopPrimary HDD (Heads Down Display) is battery driven sequential LED, for continuous hands free monitoring of the oxygen […]

KISS vs. Poseidon Comparison

Introduction KISS is a manually operated closed circuit diving rebreather. The KISS Rebreather is a long-lasting machine, which has been designed for both entertainment and scientific diving. There are a number of fanatics who dive using the KISS, and their diving satisfaction has brought KISS into the mainstream. The KISS is especially popular among technical, […]

Megalodon Review

The Megalodon CCR is a technologically advanced CCR and the favorite product of many divers. The Innerspace Systems Corporation (ISC) has designed and manufactured this product to be an electronics-driven closed-circuit constant rebreather (eCCR), and it is remarkable with extremely durable qualities. This is no surprise, as ISC has been recognized for its consistency in […]

Prism 2 Experience

A Prism 2 is a piece of breathing equipment that is specifically designed to help a person breath where oxygen is limited, and it also absorbs carbon dioxide. This technology is used in space, toxic environments, underwater atmospheres, mine fields, and places where harmful gases may be present. The Hollis Prism 2 is a new eCCR that has […]

VR Technology Sentinel CCR Review

VR Technology has realized that budget is a concern for customers. Now it is possible to order a standard Sentinel LSS (Life Support System) and upgrade the system as your budget allows. The standard Sentinel does not have a CO2 monitor gauge, off-board gas blocks, or breathing hose covers, but is equipped standard with a BOV, on-board decompression, […]

The Dangers of Rebreathers in Scuba Diving

Introduction The technology of today’s world is beyond our imagination. It started out in the 19th century and it is getting developed at a rapid rate day by day. New technologies have allowed us to make mind-blowing discoveries about our earth, allowing us to explore hostile regions such as under the depths of the sea. Scuba diving has […]

The 10 Best Places to Buy Rebreathers

Below is a list of my 10 favorite CCR and SCUBA shops. All are great places if you are looking to invest in a CCR. 1. Coral Edge Adventures ( Coral Edge Adventures is a dive shop in Catharpin, Virginia. They also have an online shop where you can purchase their merchandise, including rebreathers. Features Coral […]

Hollis Review

The Hollis Prism 2 is an electronic fully-closed circuit(eCCR), making it an ideal unit for any kind of diving, including diving in caves and wrecks. It is designed for both automatic and manual operation. Manual operation allows the diver to control the PO2 loop. One needs only to add cylinders to be ready to dive. The unit […]

Rebreather: How Do You Choose One?

If you are thinking about diving and choosing your diving equipment, your priority should be what rebreather to use. It is the most important piece of diving equipment; therefore it will be your most important decision. What does a rebreather do? It absorbs the carbon dioxide from exhaled breath and supplies oxygen. The task is simple, but whichever […]

Review of the Poseidon CCR

A human body consumes oxygen for its operations to sustain life, and as a result it produces carbon dioxide. Oxygen is a basic requirement of a human body. Oxygen is not available everywhere like in space and underwater. This is why human beings require special equipment when they travel to space and also dive under deep water. To […]