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  • $4,995
  • Easy user interface and very advanced technology
  • User friendly, automated, travel easy, and has all benefits
  • True recreational Rebreather
  • $8,999
  • Lower resistive breathing effort
  • Electronics and the battery are housed on their own outside of the breathing loop
  • Primary HDD (Heads Down Display) is battery driven sequential LED, for continuous hands free monitoring of the oxygen levels.

If you are a diver, choosing a rebreather to purchase is always a very important decision. Before making any kind of purchase, it is important that you are well informed about the various options that you can consider.

In terms of rebreathers, which are a necessary breathing apparatus for divers, one particular brand stands out among the rest—KISS Rebreathers. It is easy to find a KISS Rebreather for sale that will suit every diver’s needs and budget. Moreover, each type of KISS Rebreather for sale will come with various features that will help make your diving experience a good one. You have many choices when you are searching for a KISS Rebreather for sale:

  • KISS Spirit Closed Circuit Rebreather
  • KISS Gem Rebreather
  • KISS Classic Closed Circuit Rebreather
  • KISS Explorer Rebreather
  • KISS Gem Sidekick Rebreather

Product Descriptions

  • KISS Spirit Closed Circuit Rebreather

The KISS Spirit Closed Circuit Rebreather is a reliable apparatus that is specially made for both recreational and technical diving. If you want to dive in shallow reefs or make deeper dives, this KISS Rebreather for sale will be suitable for you either way. Diving with a closed circuit rebreather unit is often considered the best way to fully enjoy the scenery underwater. By using this kind of rebreather equipment, you will not only enjoy the environment, but will also be able to engage in a close encounter with underwater creatures better than when you use an open circuit breathing apparatus.


  • KISS Gem

If you are a recreational or a traveling diver, this KISS Rebreather for sale may be considered the best purchase option for you. The KISS Gem is an extremely light rebreather, which will help you move through the underwater environment more easily. Aside from being lightweight, it is also compact and streamlined. Moreover, what makes KISS Gem a good product is that it is really easy to use, even for beginner divers. Although KISS Gem is one of the cheapest rebreathers sold on the market today, you can still rely on its durability and functionality.

  • KISS Classic Closed Circuit Rebreather

The KISS Classic Rebreather is one of the most reliable products sold in the market. This breathing apparatus is a closed circuit type of rebreather, which can be used by beginners, recreational divers, technical divers, or other more advanced types of divers. Compared to an open circuit type of equipment, you can dive better with the use of a closed circuit rebreather. KISS Classic Closed Circuit Rebreather can definitely help to provide you with a one of a kind diving experience. With this apparatus, you will be able to move through the water better and enjoy both the underwater surroundings and the different sea animals.

  • KISS Explorer

This type of KISS Rebreather for sale is essentially an upgraded version of the original KISS Classic Rebreather. KISS Explorer is a mechanically controlled and manually assisted rebreather, which has the good qualities of the KISS Classic, such as durability and flexibility, plus some other additional features. As the name suggests, KISS Explorer comes with features that will enable divers to conduct better explorations. Furthermore, this breathing equipment can also be modified depending on the kind of environment or kind of diving that you will engage in. So if you are planning to do some recreational diving and dive in shallow waters, or feel a little more adventurous and want to dive in deeper areas, KISS Explorer can be at your service. Go to to find more different kinds of rebreather.

  • KISS Gem Sidekick

The KISS Gem Sidekick has the reliability and durability of the KISS GEM Passive Semi-Closed Rebreather system. This type of rebreather unit is most suitable for the technical diver and the side mount diver as well. Some of the good qualities of this product include:

      • Extended OC gas
      • Very user-friendly
      • Easy to maintain
      • The diver will remain warm by using this product due to the warm gas

Aside from the wide variety of products you can choose from when you are looking for a KISS Rebreather for sale, this brand also offers several rebreather accessories for your unit. You can purchase these accessories to upgrade your KISS Rebreather and improve the functionality of your equipment.

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With the good track record of satisfied customers, choosing KISS Rebreathers is undoubtedly a good purchase decision. You will most definitely be diving with this rebreather brand for many years because of its high quality, reliability, durability, and affordability. Whether you are a recreational diver, a technical diver, or a professional diver, the KISS Rebreathers brand definitely has something in store for you.

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