Rebreather: How Do You Choose One?

Best Rebreathers

  • $4,995
  • Easy user interface and very advanced technology
  • User friendly, automated, travel easy, and has all benefits
  • True recreational Rebreather
  • $8,999
  • Lower resistive breathing effort
  • Electronics and the battery are housed on their own outside of the breathing loop
  • Primary HDD (Heads Down Display) is battery driven sequential LED, for continuous hands free monitoring of the oxygen levels.

If you are thinking about diving and choosing your diving equipment, your priority should be what rebreather to use. It is the most important piece of diving equipment; therefore it will be your most important decision. What does a rebreather do? It absorbs the carbon dioxide from exhaled breath and supplies oxygen. The task is simple, but whichever model you choose, it will support you as you progress. In 1997, after years of intensive R&D, Ambient Pressure Diving produced the world’s first closed-circuit rebreather, the award-winning INSPIRATION CCR. The primary advantages of the Inspiration model are 3-liter cylinders, easy maintenance, fast preparation and optimal gas consumption. The Inspiration rebreather is becoming the most trusted primary diving equipment of divers.

Some Excellent Features:

  • Patented Dual Oxygen Controllers: unique and important
  • Dual Power Supplies: intelligently linked supply of power
  • Patented Fiber-Optic HUD: will not fail due to flooding
  • Audible Alarms: you won’t get this in any other rebreather
  • Open Circuit Bailout (OCB): feeds gas from both side
  • Front or Back-mounted Counter lungs: your choice
  • Thermoplastic ABS Case: superb protection
  • Auto Diluent Valve (ADV): reduces task-loading
  • Insulated Scrubber Canister: unique high performance
  • Dedicated Dive Planner: versatile, powerful, huge storage

Some Advantages of the Inspiration Rebreather:

Let’s have a look at some the pros Inspiration Rebreather has to offer:

  • Unique, patented, intelligent Control of PO2
  • Unit monitoring features multiple redundancy
  • Dual power supplies unique backup intelligent
  • Unique 3 oxygen-cell voting logic system
  • Benchmark oxygen control accuracy +/- 0.05 bar of setpoint
  • Patented scrubber monitor
  • Unique fiber-optic Heads Up Display (robust, reliable and unlike other makes, not prone to failure due to flooding)
  • Production unit built by an established 40+ year manufacturer with all that implies about quality and ongoing availability of support and service
  • Market leaders with global network of instruction, advice and supplies

The price is not that high compared to other diving products. You can get started from a little over $8,000. There are also some popular upgrades available with this equipment, such as ADV, mouthpieces, monitors, and many more. There is also a backup power source for emergency situations.

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Built for Adventure: Inspiration Rebreather

These are perfectly made for your custom size and your diving plan, and with the different models you can choose your number of cylinders, scrubber size, and wing duration with different upgrades. The Inspiration lets you build a unit to match your mission in 3 simple steps:

  1. Find your ideal model which suits you best
  2. Build it to your exact specifications
  3. Find your nearest trainer and begin the training process.

Cons of the Inspiration Rebreather:

There really aren’t many. Maybe price is bit high, But if you are going to buy your diving equipment you need to be able to trust it, and you can trust the Inspiration rebreather without a doubt. So what’s wrong with spending a bit more for some trusted equipment? Find more Inspiration rebreather here.

Reviews& Recommendation: Inspiration Rebreather

Jim Kozmik (Assoc. Producer Sport Diver TV, The Blue realm, Discovery and Animal Planet) a world famous diver for documentary film. As he wrote after using Inspiration – “As an underwater cameraman… the basic reasons that I switched from heavy dual tanks to a nice light rebreather unit like [the Inspiration evo] are… simplicity, quietness… I can stay down longer… It gives me 100% humidified gas… It is just wonderful for gas consumption… there’s no up and down movement when I breathe… and small animals in the ocean totally ignore me… like I’m one of the rocks!” Click here for more testimonials regarding rebreather.

So whether you are diving for fun or going underwater to make a documentary or an action film, the Inspiration Rebreather can be there for you. The Inspriation Rebreather quickly became the choice of expedition divers, film makers and sports divers alike—for adventures ranging from beach diving to RIB (Inflatable) diving, right up to 100m expedition dives. The feature of being able to upgrade is really unique, as you can buy once and upgrade as you like. At AP Diving, you get support from people who understand – because they’re divers too. In 1969, they started out as a family of divers who decided simply to make the world’s best dive equipment backed by friendly, quick, informative after-sales support.

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