Review of the Poseidon CCR

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  • $4,995
  • Easy user interface and very advanced technology
  • User friendly, automated, travel easy, and has all benefits
  • True recreational Rebreather
  • $8,999
  • Lower resistive breathing effort
  • Electronics and the battery are housed on their own outside of the breathing loop
  • Primary HDD (Heads Down Display) is battery driven sequential LED, for continuous hands free monitoring of the oxygen levels.

A human body consumes oxygen for its operations to sustain life, and as a result it produces carbon dioxide. Oxygen is a basic requirement of a human body. Oxygen is not available everywhere like in space and underwater. This is why human beings require special equipment when they travel to space and also dive under deep water. To provide the required level of oxygen for the human body during these adventures, rebreathers are used.

Rebreathing equipment takes in carbon dioxide and recycles it to extract oxygen from the carbon dioxide molecules. After that process, it adds more quantity of oxygen to the air so that the required level of oxygen for breathing is maintained. Rebreathers work on a different system from the open air, where all exhaled gas is directly discharged into the environment and fresh air is inhaled.

Rebreathing technology comes into use where oxygen gas supply is limited. Potential uses of rebreathing equipment are for exploring underwater and in space. This equipment is also used in other areas like fire fighting, mine rescues and toxic environments where oxygen quantity is less.

Among all the available rebreathers, the Poseidon Rebreather is the best because of its technology and its unique features. It is fully automated, fully closed and provides ease of use and safety. It also enables the divers to see in different amounts of light.

The Poseidon Rebreather is composed of a breathing loop, two independent gas cylinders and the electronics module. One cylinder has compressed oxygen that is used when the diver inhales oxygen, and it provides the required level of oxygen. The second cylinder contains compressed air that is used to regulate the required level of oxygen flow and pressure while the diver goes deeper. As the diver goes deeper, more pressure is required to maintain breathing pressure.

Perhaps the best quality of this breathing equipment is that it has an emergency control that can be used as backup system in case of any malfunction. It has enough oxygen so that a diver can surface in emergency or panic cases.

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Features of the Poseidon Rebreather

The key features of the Poseidon Rebreather that make this product unique, distinguished and marketable as compared to other rebreathers are:

  • Operating time is three times longer than open circuit rebreathers; its unique technology and design make this possible.
  • The Poseidon Rebreather’s structure is designed in such a way that it is far less disturbing to marine life.
  • Poseidon Rebreathers are manufactured so that they are lighter weight and smaller. Because of this, it is easier to carry it.
  • The user interface is designed to be user friendly; it is also made safe so that in any circumstance it is not dangerous for divers.
  • Oxygen is compressed so that the required level is maintained in deeper waters. Its compressor technology is such that it always works and never stops because of environmental conditions.
  • These rebreathers are designed keeping in mind that they have to work in all environmental conditions. The Poseidon Rebreather has unique key features that help it maintain the required level temperature of gas.


Poseidon Rebreathers have the following advantages over open circuit equipment rebreathers:

  • Optimal usage time is far more than other rebreathers. Generally speaking, it works for 3 hours dive time.
  • It has an electronic display that is the most popular interface; it is easier to read and transparent.
  •  Less weight offers comfort to the diver; divers prefer light rebreathers.
  • Its structure is built in such a way that environmental conditions have no effect on its operation, and it is safer to the environment.
  • They can be used in deeper seawater and in space without having any effect on their operation. Its oxygen compression technique makes the Poseidon Rebreather unique.
  • They have silent operations that make them blend in with the environment.
  • Poseidon Rebreather technology has made breakthroughs in recent decades, and its production is a game changer.
  • They are a pre-packed canister.
  • Pre-dive checks are completed automatically without any intervention.


  • Poseidon Rebreathers are very light in weight. The diver needs a bit of weight to get deeper into the water. So this can be a disadvantage while using it in deeper water.
  • They have automatic control. So no manual control is provided.
  • They do not have an accurate scrubber duration timer.

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The Poseidon Rebreather is easier and simpler to use. It is designed for divers who do not want to be technically challenged. It has the most simplified design to make it easy to learn how to use. The Poseidon Rebreather provides better services to divers and allows them to spend less time worrying about how to operate the unit. So as compared to others, it is most efficient in its use, interface, design and safety.

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